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Some of our Artists

Hariata Tangahoe

Since she first exhibited in the early 1980s, Tangahoe has been described as a naive painter, but these days she shrugs her shoulders and says she has never thought of her paintings in such terms.

Josefina Diazgranados

If there exists a pictorial work that in one way or another could resemble the immaterial patrimony of the Northern Colombian Coast that represents in each brushstroke the grace, the color, and the feeling implicit in the meaning of loving a specific zone

Lachlan Kennedy

Lachlan has lived in Redcliffe all his life. He has a quirky sense of humor and a unique vision of the world. In 2007 Lachaln held his first solo exhibition at the Graydon Gallery at New Farm, selling 60% of his work. This young man's passion for art has


1. How many artists can join up with The Lancaster Fine Art Gallery?

A. There is no limit to the number of Artists we can have in our Gallery. Artists may signup online and we review their application and then we contact the Artist concerned.


2. How do I pay for my art purchase?


A. Click on the Purchase art link and chose the Art work you want. The Price is for Art work only and you will be  notified of the cost of packaging, postage and Insurance (if required)


3. How much is postage and packing?


A. That depends on the destination, size and weight of the painting. All of these will be important in determining this cost. You will receive an email quote from the gallery.  However you are always free to use your own carrier.


4. Do I need insurance?


A. Some buyers choose not to insure their purchase in transit. We can email a quote to the purchaser if requested. However you may use your own insurer. Insurance is recommended.


5. How long will it take to arrive?


A. The arrival date depends on the destination, the carrier and if overseas the country's customs and other factors. However the gallery will give you an approximation of arrival.


6. Do I get a certificate of authenticity with my purchase?


A. You will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by both our gallery director and our artist concerned. It will be dated as well.


7. Can I return my artwork if I'm not satisfied with it?


A. Once an artwork is purchased from Lancaster Fine Art Gallery, there is no allowance made for the return of the artwork, either because of dissatisfaction, damage or other reason. The gallery therefore recommends that the buyer makes a careful, informed choice prior to purchase.


8. Can I see more examples of the artist's work than is shown on the website?


A. Other works for sale by the artist can be provided by the gallery. This will be done by email, on request. A charge of AUS $25 will apply to this service, should the request come from a person who has no purchasing history with Lancaster Fine Art Gallery.


9. Can I obtain a copy of the artist's talk on my painting?


A. Yes, a video copy can be sent to the purchaser. This video will be provided as a complimentary service to the purchaser from Lancaster Fine Art Gallery